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Akcesoria łączeniowe do kanałów kablowych

Connecting accessories for cable ducts

, by Oliwia Sajnaj, 3 min reading time

In today's world, where information technology is developing at a dizzying pace, the organization of cable infrastructure becomes a key element in both offices and industrial spaces. Proper cable management affects not only aesthetics but, most importantly, the safety and functionality of the entire system. One of the indispensable elements of this infrastructure are cable ducts and connecting accessories that enable aesthetic and solid connections. In this post, we will discuss the most important types of connectors for cable ducts.

Internal Corner Connectors

Internal corner connectors are used to mount cable ducts in the internal corners of rooms. They allow wiring in places where the duct needs to turn at a 90-degree angle, bypassing the interior of walls. This solution not only improves the aesthetics of the installation but also protects cables from mechanical damage.


External Corner Connectors

External corner connectors are designed for mounting cable ducts on the external corners of walls. They allow cables to be routed outside the corner, also at a 90-degree angle. They are ideal for places where cables need to bypass external wall edges, ensuring both an aesthetic appearance and installation safety.

Flat L Connectors

Flat L connectors allow the connection of cable ducts in an L shape, i.e., at a 90-degree angle on a flat surface. They are extremely useful in situations where the ducts need to turn in a flat layout, such as on the floor or ceiling, providing simultaneous cable protection.


Flat T Connectors

Flat T connectors allow branching of cable ducts in a T shape. They enable the creation of branches on flat surfaces, which is particularly useful in large installations where cables need to be routed in different directions.


Straight Mounting Connectors

Straight mounting connectors are used to connect two sections of cable ducts in a straight line. This basic accessory allows for the extension of ducts without the need for additional tools. Thanks to them, the installation remains uniform and aesthetic, and the cables are well protected along the entire length.

Cable Tray End Caps

Cable tray end caps are essential for the aesthetic and safe closure of the ends of cable ducts. They protect the cables from mechanical damage and prevent them from accidentally slipping out of the duct. They ensure the installation looks neat and professional.

Connector Installation

All connectors hold onto the tray by sliding interlocks into the tray cover slot. This method of installation ensures a solid and durable connection that is easy to perform and does not require specialized tools. Thus, the installation of cable ducts is quick, simple, and effective.



Connecting accessories for cable ducts are an indispensable element of any professional cable installation. Regardless of the type of space – whether it is an office or an industrial plant – the right connectors ensure aesthetic, safe, and functional cable routing. By choosing the right accessories, we can be sure that our cable infrastructure will meet all technical and aesthetic requirements.

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