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Zastosowanie zamków krzywkowych w szafkach i skrzynkach

Application of Cam Locks in Cabinets and Boxes

, by Marta Rutkowska, 2 min reading time

Cam Locks and Privacy

Privacy is fundamental to everyday functioning. It concerns us both in public and at home. To protect access to virtual data, we use passwords or two-step authentication. When we want to prevent third parties from accessing our personal belongings or important documents, cam locks, file locks, industrial locks, or more advanced combination locks are excellent solutions.

Places like schools or workplaces should be equipped with lockers featuring cam locks, allowing personal items to be left in one place without unauthorized access.

Cam locks for mailboxes are also an essential security element for any mailbox. This ensures that our correspondence is not accessible to everyone and does not fall into the wrong hands.

Not All Locks Are Created Equal – How to Measure a Cam Lock

To match a cam lock to our needs, we need to know a few key values.

First — the length of its body and the diameter, which we measure from the flattened side and the convex side. Another crucial parameter is the lock’s cam, commonly called the "tongue." There are two types of cams in cam locks – straight and bent. If our lock has a straight cam, we measure the length from the center of the mounting hole to its end. To select a bent cam, simply measure - as above - the length and bend, excluding the thickness of one sheet of metal.

Single Code or Different Code Lock?

A common mistake when buying locks is choosing the wrong coding.

Cam locks are divided into single-code and different-code locks. Sounds complicated? Not at all.

A single-code system means that each lock has the same key number, and any lock with that number can be opened with that key. So, all locks purchased in a single-code system will be interchangeable. For example, Euro-Box keys numbered 827 will open all Euro-Box locks with code 827.

In a different-code lock system, each lock has two identical keys with a unique number. There is no way to open another lock with the same key in a different-code system. This solution is ideal for schools or workplaces.

Some different-code locks are produced in a MASTER system. This means that a master key can be purchased, which, in the event of losing spare keys, allows the opening of all locks.

If you are a school principal or a person responsible for procurement — contact us for an individual offer on locks for school lockers.

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