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General complaint conditions


The basis of a complaint is nonconformity with client’s requirements specified in the order or in provided technical documentation. A complaint can also be recognized as a  nonconformity with undertaken and written quallity arrangements.

To be able to make a claim in the event of damaged goods during transport, the client is obliged to check the goods in the presence of the driver (by delivery of many pallets at least cursorily) and to write a protocol in case of receiving damaged goods. Without written protocol and possible pictures, a claim will not be possible.

Essential information in complaint submission:
- article index, control label number (if applicable),
- delivery note number (WZ),
- precise description of the fault plus pictures,
- fault quantity/received quantity,
- proposed solutions.

The client is obliged to make a complaint in writing.
Person submitting a complaint is obliged to:
- not to make corrections before written permission from Euro-Box,
- not to send back the fault goods to Euro-Box without written permission.

Euro-Box is obliged to:
- take a position up to 72h from complaint submission (business days),
- to present corrective and preventive measures at the client’s request at commonly agreed term.